What can be considered as a job? Does it mean it has to be hard work, or do is it required to earn money? I’m exploring the idea of mental health being a full-time job, especially if you are feeling particularly down.

Trigger warning: I will be talking about mental…

Sometimes your heart just knows what you need to do, but you are too afraid of doing it, until someone points it out. Let's show our work, our creation, our art to the world and grow within that experience.

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Perfectionism is sometimes this praised trait that every successful person has, but what if perfectionism is keeping you from taking action and achieving your goals!

The image shows a brain, that appears to be busy, since there is a tangled mess inside it. A comic thinking bubble comes from the brain and says: I made a MISTAKE. They are going to fire me! I would love to paint but I’m too bad to try. What are they thinking about me? I’m not good enough. But what if I fail?
Image is made by the author

erfectionism or the striving for flawlessness is sometimes a praised trait in our society but beneath the high achievers and goal seekers lies a potentially…


Writing about life challenges. Trying to learn and grow. On a mission to help myself & others achieve contentment. “Be curious & seek the unconfortable to grow”

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